Best Books on Investing, Wealth Creation, Business & Entrepreneurship, and Enjoying Life

Best Books to Read to Build Wealth and Enjoy Life

Hand selected books to help explore Financial Independence, Early Retirement, growing a business, and enjoying life

These are the best books that I have personally read. Given the wealth of books available to us this day in age, no one can possibly read enough to be able to make a definitive list and I’ll never be able to read everything I want to read.

Here is my best shot at organizing the books that I have read, changed my life, influenced my thoughts and have helped to put me in the position that I am today.

And, if you read as much as I do, you may want to consider a couple of options to save some money:

Without further adieu, here are my recommended books:

Best Books on Investing and Wealth Creation

Best Books on Real Estate

Best Books on Personal Growth

Best Books on Business and Entrepreneurship

Best Books on Happiness and Enjoying Life

Books on History, Science, and the Future

Books to Read on Vacation

Love books? Get Unlimited Reading/Listening:

My reading list now often comes from The Tim Ferriss Podcast. His interviews and book recommendations by guests, have given me a wealth of new knowledge to explore over the course of the past few years. I highly urge you to give his podcast a listen.

More Recommendations from Accidentally Retired:

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    1. Meh. Rich Dad, Poor Dad’s essense is correct. You want to own assets, not liabilities. It is largely what really cemented to me that I wanted to be an Entrepreneur and own my own business, my own assets. Even if the story was made up, the facts are that you do want to invest in appreciating assets. The tone of the book is why I still have it listed, even though his sales tactics post-book are not something I would endorse.

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