Best Financial Independence Calculators & Tools

This is a comprehensive list of the best Net Worth, Financial Independence, and Retirement Calculators & Tools that I could find and test.

I have used many of these calculators myself.

Empower’s tools cannot be spoken more highly of for managing a budget, investments, and tracking net worth.

And from time to time, I have ended up building my own tool (typically a spreadsheet). This has led me to build my own Mortgage Prepayment Analysis Spreadsheet and a Happiness Tracker.

As with any list, there are always more out there. Some of these sites have many more than I have highlighted. Some require you to sign up to receive access to the spreadsheets or calculators. I’ll also be providing some free spreadsheets that I have personally built and used in the coming months.

Accidentally Retired Tools:

Best Net Worth Trackers:

Best Retirement Calculators:

Best Financial Independence Resources:

Best Mortgage Calculators:

Best Budget & Expense Tools:

Best Real Estate Calculators:

Best Tax Calculators:

More Financial Calculators:

If you have further calculators that you can recommend or would like me to take a look at, please contact me.

More recommendations from Accidentally Retired:

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