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I am a 36 year old former CEO of a bootstrapped startup. We built a business over the course of 10 years that eventually had 50+ full-time employees and generated over $15M a year in Revenue. We were kicking ass, and I was making some good money along the way.

But I realized that even with a lot of discipline to maintain my work life balance, I was not leading the life that I really wanted.

I was obsessed with work.

I was obsessed with achievement and building something great.

And this obsession was not healthy and I had stopped challenging myself.

So I engineered my exit in mid 2020 and inadvertently found myself Accidentally Retired.

Accidentally Retired is my journey from former CEO to becoming a better father, husband, and to conquer the ultimate question of how to live a happy life and be my best self.

Being Accidentally Retired doesn’t mean that I am retired, retired. It means that I have the freedom to choose what I want to pursue next. 

Accidentally Retired is the next phase of my life in which I work on what I want to work on, when I want to work on it, with the goal of generating passive income streams that my wife and I can eventually fully retire from.

I never intended to retire early (though I may have fantasized about it), but Accidentally Retired is my exploration of Financial Independence, Early Retirement, Enjoying Life and more.

And hopefully along the way I can help you find your path to an Accidental Retirement as well.

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