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Early Retirement - Financial Independence

The best of the best on FI, FIRE and more!

These are sites that I have personally visited, read and interacted with and can highly recommend. If you would like your site included, or have others to recommend, please contact me.

Early Retirement Now: Thorough financial analysis on investing and withdrawal of investments over the course of your early retirement. More thorough than anything I will ever write! ERN’s Safe Withdrawal Series is a must for anyone looking to retire early!

Banker on FIRE: Damian is an investment banker from London who has a non nonsense approach to financial independence and living his best life possible. An instant favorite of mine (perhaps because I have worked with various investment bankers in my career, and I appreciate that he tells it like it is).

ESI Money: Thesis that the path the wealth is to earn, save and invest. You don’t have to do it all well, but one or two of these really great and you will be wealthy. Weekly millionaire interviews, retirement interviews, and investing advice. A must read!

JL Collins: The Simple Path to Wealth: A wealth of financial content, a thorough stock series, prudent discussions on retirement withdrawals and more. BTW, read The Simple Path to Wealth if you already haven’t. It will change your life!

Mr. Money Mustache: Mustachians everywhere can unite with the original no nonsense 30 year old retiree. If you are just beginning your journey start here with the shockingly simple math of retirement.

ChooseFI: I found these guys via their podcast, and enjoy their podcast and insights and leadership in the FI communities. Everything from cutting expenses, to investing, leaving your financial advisor and more.

Financial Samurai: Writes multiple times per week on everything finance. Leans more heavily into real estate investments than other FIRE folks, but offers a wealth of knowledge.

Dividend Power: Do you love dividends? I sure do. Dividend Power works to show the “Power of Dividend Growth Investing” but also delves into Financial Independence and Millionaire Interviews (mine is here). I always love to get my weekly email from Dividend Power!

Can I Retire Yet: Early retirement site for regular people who have busy lives. They have published 3 books on early retirement and financial independence and both Darrow and Chris have both retired early and practice what they preach.

Bogleheads® The Bogleheads® Investment Philosophy based on Investing Advice Inspired by Jack Bogle. Index funds, Index funds, Index funds. For me the forums here are very useful and insightful. Highly Recommend.

Coach Carson: A wealth of information on getting started in real estate investing, as well as financial independence and more!

BiggerPockets: This is THE place to go if interested in real estate investing, OR already an investor. The forums are great, but also have a large amount of daily content. I also stumbled upon BiggerPockets via their books, and highly recommend for REI’s.

Physician on FIRE: A former anesthesiologist who achieved FI at 39 and then retired at 43. Goal of educating and enlightening Physicians who make a lot of money, but don’t often achieve FI. Has great comprehensive list of custom calculators and other resources as well.

White Coat Investor: A practicing board-certified emergency physician 12 years out of residency, who explores how a high income does not always equal wealth. A real doctors slant on Financial Independence.

Mad Fientist: Former software engineer who left his job and explores Financial Independence. Great read + a podcast, but what I really enjoy is his FI Laboratory and FI Spreadsheet that he has available in his resources section.

Part-Time Money: According to the site “Nearly 4 in 10 Americans have some type of side hustle or part-time gig to help them make some extra money.” PT Money explores everything from side hustles to passive income and small business. Plus they also have a great personal finance bloggers map.

GoCurryCracker: Retired early and travel 52 weeks a year. But my favorite post is Never Pay Taxes Again with various real life examples.

FIscovery: A well done and simple FI aggregator. Great spot to go and see the most recent updates across your favorite FI sites. An added perk, is that you can find AR content there now too!

These are sites that I have personally visited, read and interacted with and can highly recommend. If you would like your site included, or have others to recommend, please contact me.

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