After Disappointment Comes Clarity

After Disappointment Comes Clarity

Many of you will remember that I purchased a cash flowing affiliate website late last fall.

I was excited to sit back, relax, and maybe do a little work while I watched my passive investment blossom.

Of course, a month into owning the site, Google updated their algorithm, and blew the roof off my brand new retirement fortress.

So I was left picking up the pieces and I worked feverishly to recover the website.

And six months after I purchased my website, I had accomplished it! The website exploded back to its previous form just in time for the summer travel season. All was well.

For one month this summer, the website even covered all of our expenses. My early retirement plan was working. I was in control and feeling good!

But running a website is never, ever, in your complete control…

Unforeseen Forces

A few weeks ago, there was another Product Review Update, and the site got dinged yet again!

Only this time, the fallout was much worse than ripping off the roof – it tore up the entire foundation.

My passive retirement investment has turned into a full on nightmare on elm street:

  • Traffic all but vanished.
  • Revenue all but vanished.

And I couldn’t help but be disappointed by the whole thing. Has this all been a big waste of time? Was purchasing an affiliate website a good idea? Do I even really know what I am doing?

These are the types of thoughts that fly through your mind when the universe reaches out and teaches you a lesson that you didn’t know you needed to learn.

And after the initial shock of it wheres off, you are left with only this: disappointment.

Disappointment Leads to Clarity

After a short time, the shock of it all begins to wear off and disappointment settles in…but you can only wallow in disappointment for so long.

Ok, so I just got punched in the mouth again. Fine.

It’s time to come up with a plan. It’s time to fight back.

I can’t control when and what Google will do when they make an algorithm update.

But I can read through all of their guidelines, I can research best practices, I can reach out to all of the SEO experts I know, and I can make appropriate changes to the website.

So after the initial disappointment, there was a clarity and a fire in my belly to do what is within my control to fix the problem.

Every day for the last week has been crystal clear to me what I need to do.

Disappointment leads to clarity.

Clarity Leads to Action

In record time, I was able to update the website and fix the many flaws that I previously couldn’t see.

I sought and received advice from my SEO friends.

I updated the website in the areas it was weak.

I executing on ideas I had been brainstorming for the site for months, but had held off on.

And lastly, I shored up my cash bucket to ensure that my family can can withstand the storm.

I don’t know if the site will recover. But I do know that I’ve done everything I can and will continue to do whatever is within my control.

Clarity leads to action.

Disappointment is a Part of Life

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, or you, or anyone else.

You think that X will happen, but Y does instead:

  • A star employee quits when you least expect it
  • You apply and interview for a job that you never get
  • You hire an executive who isn’t the right fit
  • Someone who you thought was a good friend, never wants to see you again.
  • And so on…

It all sucks.

It is all disappointing.

And sometimes it is devastating.

But after the initial shock wheres off, you probably figured out what to do. You figured out why it happened, and that gave you the clarity to make the appropriate changes.

Disappointment is Not So Bad After All

The next time you are disappointed by life’s circumstances or the next time you are wallowing in your own self pity:

Remember that this happens to all of us.

Disappointments happen.

Failure happens.

But they both serve their purpose: to teach us a lesson and help us to improve.

You see your previous mistakes in a manner that was not previously clear to you.

Before, you weren’t focused on the right things. Now you are.

After disappointment, comes clarity.

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  1. Really enjoying these updates and wish you every success. Hopefully you will be in a position to share the website details in the future so that we can continue the journey with you.
    You obviously have experience in the industry which help.. it’s not for the faint hearted!

  2. Sorry to hear about your site, hope all goes well and you can regain you position in the almighty google algo! Until then, I enjoy reading your posts here!!

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