My Website Investment – 6 Months Later

After Accidentally Retiring nearly two years ago, I finally decided to put a financial plan together for the first time. It was great to get everything down on paper and have a concrete goal. Our overarching financial goal is to: Create enough passive income to offset all current expenses, and continue to live our current… Continue reading My Website Investment – 6 Months Later

The FIRE Insights Survey #3

The FIRE Insights Survey Welcome to the third ever FIRE Insights Survey! Last month’s survey was really fun to put together and again received a great response from those who participated and others who didn’t. The goal of the survey is to measure interest/blogger sentiment in various asset classes over time, highlight great content, and source advice/recommendations… Continue reading The FIRE Insights Survey #3

It’s time to start “requalifying” for your job each year

I was listening to the Tim Ferriss Show awhile back and on this episode, his guest was Harley Finkelstein, the President of Shopify. At some point during the interview, the idea of requalifying for your job each and every year came up. At Shopify, “particularly on the leadership team, [everyone] has to requalify for their… Continue reading It’s time to start “requalifying” for your job each year