Camping is not so different from investing

Camping is not unlike investing

My family and I are heading camping soon, and for some reason it dawned on me that camping is a lot like investing.

There are a lot of people who just will never, ever, go camping, because sleeping outside, getting out of their comfort zone, and any sort of risk taking are just not for them:

This is not unlike investing, in which you have droves of people who are scared of the stock market and investing in general:

But the parallels go beyond just being scared of going at all. I’ve laid out the risk levels of camping and their equivalent for investing…

Tent Camping = Stocks

There is no doubt about it, but tent camping is the equivalent of equities of the camping world. There is higher risk of weather volatility. You are out there in the open.

But your tent camping opportunities are near endless and the returns on your investment are always going to go up in the long-run.

There are no real maintenance costs with tent camping. Good equipment can last 10-20 years and by the time you need new equipment, you already have gotten your monies worth.

RVs = Bonds

There is no doubt about it, RVs keep you safe and comfy at night. They are a more conservative play though. They are dependable, but minimize the risk of the variability of the great outdoors.

RVs generally take a lot longer to reach your destination, and though they can be taken offroad – not really recommended. Even when boondocking, you are likely not too far off the beaten path.

The maintenance costs of RVs are much, much higher. It is going to cost you more and likely you will need to skip out on other forms of vacation to focus on your “prepaid” vacation since you are on a fixed vacation income.

Backpacking = Speculative Assets

Backpacking is not for the faint of heart. You need to be prepared for anything, and have the ability to withstand true survival situations.

Backpacking is speculative, but you are going to get far greater returns in terms of natural beauty than you can get to that cars and RVs simply cannot.

You will be one with nature and have a trip of a lifetime. Or at the very least a memory of a lifetime. Backpacking has the most risk, but the most reward.

Pop Ups, Camping Cabins, Glamping = Alternatives

Lastly, we have pop ups, camping cabins and glamping. These are hybrid or alternative methods of camping. They each have their own merits.

Pop ups are like a high risk bond. You are taking on much more risk, but better returns.

Camping cabins are like REITs. You have a solid piece of property to house yourself in, and plenty of enjoyment to still be had.

Glamping is glamping. I think you just paid for a hotel, but hopefully you had fun?

So what is the lesson here?

You should give camping a try, just the same way that you should give investing a try.

There are many different ways to camp. Whatever your risk level, there is something out there for you.

Just make sure to thoroughly plan your camping trip, just as you would thoroughly prepare for an investment.

Camp invest! You won’t regret it.

Hope we all had a bit of nonsensical fun for the day. See you all next time!

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  1. I like the bonds = RV life analogy. I remember the very first time that I went camping. Many people slept in tents, gazing and watching the stars. I slept in the car!! That was the best!

    I guess in camping I’m a bond investor kind of guy.

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